How to clean special types of rugs.

Advices from professional rug cleaner

Every rug comes with a care tag, however, for different reasons, the tag gets lost after a while and the homeowners find themselves in the dilemma: how they should clean their specialty rug. We’ve put together a series of guidelines about how to clean different types of rugs.

Braided or woven rugs.
Most small, braided rugs are washable so you can put them in the washing machine. Just keep in mind that, in order to avoid stitching breaks, you should place the rugs in mesh laundry bags or zippered pillowcases, before washing them. They should be washed in cool water, on a gentle cycle and rinsed thoroughly. If your braided rug is too big to be washed in the washer, lay it down on a concrete floor and sponge commercial carpet cleaning foam over the surface. Dry thoroughly before replacing the rug on the floor.

some work of our rug cleanersOriental, antique, hand knotted and handmade rugs.
Antique rugs are difficult to vacuum as they require special care. In order not to damage the rug with the vacuum cleaner, place a piece of nylon screen on top of the rug and vacuum over it. Unfortunately, trying to wash or clean this type of rug yourself is not recommended. Hire a professional rug cleaner and let them do the job. They have their own special methods and techniques, plus an arsenal of tools for ensuring the job is done safely and efficiently.

Grass, rush, sisal and coir rugs.
Rugs made from this type of fibers feature open weaves that allow dirt to sift through, to the floor beneath. That’s why, every time you vacuum, remove the rug and vacuum the floor beneath, as well. Most of these rugs are reversible, so flip them over after each vacuuming session so they wear evenly.

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